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Graphic Designer


Joyfolie is a women's, girl's, and little girl's clothing company based out of Longmont, Colorado. Their products are best described as having a feminine and airy aesthetic. My job is to assist the Senior Graphic Designer in graphic design projects like the ones below.

Email Newsletters

Here are a few examples of email newsletters I designed from the end of 2018 up to present day. I often get the pleasure of collaborating with the rest of the graphic design and photography team to come up with original content to inspire our Insiders and adhere to Joyfolie's brand standards.

Made to Match Webpage 


Chautauqua River New Category

Joyfolie New Category Button, Banner, and Parallax image design for Chautauqua River Release.

Loading gif for Joyfolie Main Page

This gif was made as an example for our main page as it loads. The type was handwritten by the Senior Graphic designer at Joyfolie and I went on to animate it in After Effects. 


Quotes for Joyfolie Instagram

A mix of handwritten and typed typography helps to compliment Joyfolie's Instagram feed and adhere to their branding standards.

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